Alex Taylor's Guitar


Alex has an IBANEZ RG350EX, it is black with a silver scratch plate. The scratch plate really contrasts with the black body. It has locking tuners and classic Ibanez shark tooth inlays. The inlays themselves make this a great looking guitar on and off stage. It also has the famous tremolo bar, which gives this guitar a really powerful pitch bending effect, brilliant for insane solos and shredding.
 The sound this guitar gives is incredible, an ultimate guitar. The pick-ups on it are as follows: IBZ INF3 (H) Neck PU, IBZ INFS3 (S) Mid PU, IBZ INF4 (H) Bridge PU. This is a mean sounding guitar.

Jordan Kelly's Bass

Jordan has a Vintage Metal Axxe XX Wraith Bass Guitar, it has an un-usual shaped body with a reversed head stock and machine heads. It has a Body - Eastern Poplar, Flame Maple top, Neck Inlays - Dot, with Vintage double 'XX' 12th fret inlay which gives it a more metal custom look towards the bass,
Fretboard - Rosewood, 24 Frets, Tuners- Wilkinson WJB650,  
Pickups - 1 Wilkinson split PB, 1 Wilkinson PJ, Hardware - Satin chrome, this gives it an awesome finish for the bass on stage. The dark stained body also helps bring out the the hard wear very well. This bass gives the sound needed to be in a rock band its a powerful active and blasts the hell out of the yamaha's. Overall this bass has preformed well so far and will continue to do so.  

Luke Russe's Drum Kit

Luke has a Mapex VXB American fusion 6-piece drum kit. It has 2 floor toms (14” and 16”) and 2 uniquely mounted high toms (10” and 12”), they are mounted to the cymbal stands, not the bass drum which gives better sustain and freedom of movement for both. It also has a 14” snare and 22” bass drum which really brings out the oomph’s especially with his millennium double bass pedal. It’s not just a beautiful looking kit but sounds incredible too, especially when hit hard (which Luke likes). With the kit is a pearl 12” hi hat (with unbranded drop clutch) and 18” ride cymbal, a zildjian 16” crash and a paiste 10”splash  which contributes to that beautiful sound, he also uses moongel dampeners and AHEAD Lars Ulrich signature drumsticks and AHEAD drum gloves. Overall this is a great kit to have in the band, partly because of the 2 floor toms, it gives the right roll and feel to the songs. This is a brilliant piece of kit and gets the sound we need to play.